What is GSS PIMS

GSS Property information management system is a comprehensive software solution for property managers, offering an integrated information technology environment for landlords, tenants, real estate company administrators and property financial managers.
It connects daily operations in the property managemnt working environment with 4 basic modules ;
a. Rent collection module
b. Property letting module
c. Hotel rooms module
d. Realtor Agents module

It can also be used in different modes ;
1. Online mode
2. LAN hosted mode
3. Stand-alone mode
Free customer advice is provided before purchase.

General benefits.

1. Faster and better service delivery
2. Accurate data
3. Reduced administrative cost
4. Powerful reports generation
5. Easy information reference
6. Notification on over due payments
7. Generates monthly rent invoices
7. One time payment

More details.

1. The product is sold pre-module
2. The client can choose to install some or all the modules
3. More modules can be added with time
4. Free system user training will be provided
5. You can get up to 10% discount

PIMS Price ( $ / KSh. )

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PIMS Modules

This module is used for tenant registration, billing and rent collection automation
It auto bills tenants and generates invoices.
Utility bills and other charges can be added.
This module is used for property management automation.
The property owner, the property details and revenue are recorded.
It has powerful report generating tool.
This module is used for management of hotel rooms/ lodgings rooms.
It provides a powerful reporting tool.
This module is used to automatically calculate the agents’ commissions for property management.