What is GSS IIMS

GSS Institution Information Management System is a comprehensive software solution for education institutions, offering an integrated information technology environment for students, parents, teachers, educational administrators and financial managers.
It connects daily operations in the school environment ranging from admission and registration to finance to academics among other fields.
It s divided in to modules.
A client can install some or all of the modules.
It can also be used in different modes;
1. Online mode
2. LAN hosted mode
3. Stand-alone mode
Free customer advice is provided before purchase.

General benefits.

1. Faster and better service delivery
2. Accurate data
3. Reduced administrative cost
4. Powerful reports generation
5. Easy information reference

More details.

1. The product is sold pre-module
2. The client can choose to install some or all the modules
3. More modules can be added with time
4. Free system user training will be provided
5. You can get up to 10% discount

IIMS Price ( $ / KSh. )

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IIMS Modules

This module takes care of the information about students during the whole cycle within the institution from application, admission to issuance of final certificate(s).
It’s able to capture and manage all information flows data about students in relation to level, class, year, gender, age among other fields.
Administrators are able to access and change the stored information within boundaries set by the management.
This module tracks a fees payments and balances.
All transactions are accurately recorded, and receipts are automatically produced (can be printed on different types of printers).
It has a powerful report generation feature for:
1. Fees structures
2. Fees balances (Below or above)
3. Fees collected (Cash/Bank deposit/ mobile money)
4. Receipts records
5. Petty cash records
This module takes care of;
  • 1. continuous assessment test (CAT)
  • 2. Examinations
    • a. Can be deployed as papers i.e. [P1, P2, P3 … (and will automatically be computed)]
    • b. Can be deployed as terms examinations i.e. [opening, mid, closing]
    • c. Single paper examination
  • 3. Reports
    • a. Class or individual examination reports forms
    • b. Class or individual several examination reports
    • c. Custom grading system for each subject
    • d. Custom grade/marks reports for subjects/classes
    • e. Export to other formats [pdf] (bulk export option available)
This module is fully integrated with the students and finance module.
You can create any number of hostels and setting the number of occupants for each or all.
Key features include;
1. Manage dormitory / hostel enrollment.
2. Manage dormitory / hostel infrastructure
3. Record and manage inventory and assets the dormitory or hostel rooms
4. Report generation
This module is designed for;
1. institutions libraries
2. Resource centers
3. Public libraries

Main features include;
a. Circulation: issues (check-outs), returns (check-ins), reservations, renewals , reminders (borrowed books),fines. Transaction record is kept.
b. Cataloguing: This allows for users to search for available books.
c. Report generation.
This module is used by the store department to purchase, distribute and track stock levels of all items in the institution ranging from stationery to food stuffs.
This module is used to track the attendance of both or either staff and students.
It monitors the time in and time out.
Automatic reports are generated.
This module is currently able to use a bio-metric reader and can be installed in the gate, door or reception desk.
This module is used to allow free and fare student leaders voting process.
Not only will it provide trustworthy results but also ensures that voting process is peaceful, fast and reliable.

Is module is available in several modes.
a. Online
b. LAN server based
c. Stand-alone
This module is used in the cafeteria to control and allow students and or staff to serve per there payment.
This module is custom made for clients.
It ensures that;
a. No of people served in known
b. Only authorized persons are served
c. Generate reports
This module is used to manage information of welfare associations for staff.
It also allows for students pocket money monitoring
Main features;
a. Register and manage member information
b. Manage deposits for members
c. Set/ check/ allow loan, loan limits repayment plans
d. Generate reports
This module allows for automatic printing of student or staff id information, as well as direct certificate generation.
This module manages the allocation and marks awarding of students in internships, attachments or teaching practice.