What is GSS HIMS

GSS Hospital Information Management System is a comprehensive software solution for health institutions, offering an integrated information technology environment for doctors, nurses, patients, hospital/chemist administrators and financial managers.
It connects daily operations in the health working environment with 3 basic modules ;
a. In-patient
b. Out-patient
c. pharmacy module
It can also be used in different modes ;
1. Online mode
2. LAN hosted mode
3. Stand-alone mode
Free customer advice is provided before purchase.

General benefits.

1. Faster and better service delivery
2. Accurate data
3. Reduced administrative cost
4. Powerful reports generation
5. Easy information reference
6. Notification on restocking levels
7. Client is able to track sales of otherwise very hard commodities to track (like; tablets)

More details.

1. The product is sold pre-module
2. The client can choose to install some or all the modules
3. More modules can be added with time
4. Free system user training will be provided
5. You can get up to 10% discount

HIMS Price ( $ / KSh. )

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HIMS Modules

This module manages all patients information all though the hospital process.
When a new patient is admitted, all there needed personal/medical information is added to the system.
From there they will be able to access their data using either the patient system id/ national id/process id. (This makes it easy for the hospital to track and manage all patients, and cash payments in the hospital)
The system has details for doctors, nurses and hospital workers. (This makes it possible to integrate the system with other modules – [like payroll, staff attendance])
It has a powerful report generating capacity.
This module is usually integrated with the out-patient module.
It’s used to manage hospital bed allocation and discharge for inpatients.
It’s fully connected with the hospital finance system to ensure that billing is up-to-date.
This module can be attached to other relevant modules.
This module can be purchased alone or part of the HIMS.
It’s used to manage all pharmacy sales.
It makes it possible to have accurate data on sales.
It makes it easy to track sales of single tablets dozes and liquid medicine dozes- bought in whole sale quantities.
It has a powerful report generating tool.
It has a auto-restocking warning.